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Think of Smart Home Equity as your secure advisor for financing. One of the first steps in selecting a home equity loan is to determine which rate type (Fixed or Adjustable ) is best for your financing goals. As a rule of thumb, fixed rate equity loans are recommended for long term borrowing. The opposite is true for adjustable rate home equity, as we suggest considering home equity lines of credit for short term borrowing situations.

Smart Home Equity Answer: There are several types of home equity rates available when you take out a 2nd mortgage against your home. The most common has always been the fixed rate home equity loan. However, the popularity of the variable rate home equity credit line must be mentioned. The volume of home equity lines being set up has increased significantly over the last five years with the advent of 100% financing.

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If you are still unclear with regards to which direction to take...Fixed rate equity loan or adjustable rate line of credit... Smart Home Equity became the authority for home equity loans online over time through experience.

Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans
home eq uity loans with a locked interest rate and a fixed monthly payment.
Home Equity Credit Line
Revolving credit that can be accessed as cash against home equity.