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Can we qualify for a 150% home equity loan? We have a home worth about $195,000 and we would like to borrow up to $270,000 in home equity loans. This would make our loan to value at nearly 150%. We plan to pay off a couple credit cards owing around 23,500 and the rest for blinds on the house and covered back deck.  We plan to put the rest in savings.

Smart Home Equity Answer: Unfortunately at this point the home equity lenders will only allow you to borrow up to 125%, which means that you will be limited to $243,750. Keep in mind that your credit scores and disposable income will need to be good as well for the 125% program.

Getting to Know
"Loan to Value"

Loan to Value is the balance of your current mortgage loans on a specific property added to the new loan amount for the home equity loan you are taking out and then divided by the Value of your home. It is important to calculate this when determining the interest rate for any loan.

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