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Getting Money from a Home Equity Loan

If you own a house you may be eligible for a home equity loan that provides cash back to you. In a sense you are financing the cash back in the new second mortgage. Often times if a person refinances their home equity loan to a lower interest rate they are able to keep the same monthly payment while getting more money back.

Is a home equity loan the best way to get cash back? This is a common question we get and the answer depends on your situation. First of all if you already have a 1st mortgage at an interest rate that would be competitive in today's marketplace, then you are a candidate for an equity loan, because there is no reason to do a cash out refinance if you already have an interest rate that is lower than what is available today.

Money Back from Home Equity
Home Equity Loans Offer Money Back
  • Get Cash for Home Remodeling
  • Get Money to Finance Education
  • Consolidate Credit Card Bills
  • Pay off High Interest Debts
  • Pay Cash for a Vacation
  • Get Money for a New Car
  • Finance a New Pool
  • Redecorate Your House


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