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FHA Home Loan

Smart Home Equity offers FHA Loans for Refinance or Purchase

Borrowers like the FHA loan options because the qualification requirements are reasonable. In most cases, the FHA mortgage rates are fixed for thirty year terms. Security is the name of the game for today's financing market and FHA provides the trust that many Americans are seeking when they buy or refinance a home. Smart Home Equity various types of FHA home loans with competitive mortgage terms ranging from ten to thirty years. Guidelines for FHA home buying and refinancing have changed dramatically recently, so discuss your goals and eligibility with a FHA lender while rates are still available at record lows. Most people are unaware that FHA still insures a "refinance loan" for qualified applicants that have a fico score greater than 500.

According to Pete Gaddi, a loan manager from San Diego, "The FHA mortgage market remains strong as the sub-prime lending options have completely disappeared." FHA refinancing is available with cash out if you only have 5% of the equity that can be documented with an appraisal from a certified and licensed FHA appraiser. FHA is likely the best option for getting cash out with a low interest rate. S.H.E. offers no cost pre-qualifications and loan approvals for all types of government home mortgages. Learn how Smart Home Equity can help you buy a home even if you have no down-payment to use as a deposit for the purchase.

Let Smart Home Equity help you connect the best FHA loan regardless of your credit score. Our trained loan officers have experience with government mortgage loans. Our team is excited to help you get approved for the loan you want, while providing a superior level of FHA financing expertise.

FHA Loan Options for Borrowers with All Types of Credit
FHA Home Loan - 15 or 30-year fixed FHA mortgages for refinance or purchase transactions. Home Equity Rate Types – Choose from a wide variety of equity loan programs. Compare a fixed installment loan or a revolving credit line.
FHA Home Refinance Loan – Choose from Streamline, 203B Cash Out, FHA Refinancing to 97% or FHA Hope for Homeowners.
Home Refinancing Rate Types – Borrower can select fixed, interest only and variable rate refinancing.
FHA Streamline Refinance - Get rewarded from FHA for refinancing into a lowered payment insured by the government. Loan Application – Get pre-qualified and get started online. Complete this short form and our lending partners will contact you shortly with low rate options.

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