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High Loan-to-Value Equity Loans

Smart Home Equity offers high LTV loans to refinance against your home regardless of your equity level. Once homeowners look to borrow above 80% or 90% loan-to-value, loans becomes more difficult to find. Home equity lending guidelines tighten significantly as banks are looking for compensating factors, like income and credit.

Smart Home Equity continues to offer high LTV loans to borrowers with all types of credit up to 100%.

We were one of the first websites to refer consumers with the unique equity mortgage that allows borrowers to access money up to 125% of their house value. The HARP 2.0 is the latest solution for people struggling with underwater mortgages. This government sponsored program allows distressed borrowers to refinance high LTV loans, regardless of what their loan to value may be. The 125 Credit requirements look for fico scores in the high 600's with no mortgage late payments being reported from any finance companies in the last two years.

Has your fico score fallen recently? There are a few loan programs that enable homeowners with little equity to refinance debt. Lenders that offer high LTV home equity loans are few and far between. S.H.E will assist you on your quest to find high LTV lenders that have experience with junior liens.

  • High LTV Home Equity
  • No Equity Home Loans
  • Home Equity Loans to 125%
  • High LTV Refinance Loans
  • Home Affordable Refinance
  • 125% Refinance Loans
  • HARP Refinance with No LTV

Additional Home Equity Options from Smart Home Equity
Home Equity Loan Refinance
Simple refinancing with fixed rate terms. High LTV mortgages are welcome.
Bad Credit Home Equity Lines
Get access to money for debt relief and consolidation even if your credit scores are bad.
Home Equity 125% Refinance
Refinance credit cards and adjustable rate loans with no equity needed.
Debt Consolidation Loans
Consolidate bills and lower your monthly payments and save!

Higher LTV Loan Amounts on 2nd Mortgages up to $1,750,000
550 FICO Credit Score on Full Doc to 90% - 100% CLTV with seller carry 2nd to $900,000
600 FICO Credit Score on 80/20 Combo to 100% to $1,300,000
600 FICO Credit Score with 6 months bank statements to 100% to $900,000
640 FICO Credit Score on 80/20 Combo to 100% to $1,000,000


Fixed Payment Home Equity Loans

Utilize your home equity!
Most homeowners are getting wise to adjustable rates, but if you have put off consolidating your credit cards or variable line of credit, take a minute and discuss a fixed payment home equity loan that could save you quite a bit of cash over the years.
Home Mortgage Refinance Loans

Refinance to lower rates!

Consumers holding ARM’s are refinancing in great numbers because of the significant fear of escalating rates that will cause the mortgage payments to rise immediately.

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