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A home equity line of credit is also called a HELOC. Smart Home Equity is your online connection with premier home equity lending offers for HELOCs. Our strong relationships with the top non-conforming home equity lenders in the country translate to better HELOC options for you. Let Smart Home Equity help you connect the right home equity line of credit regardless of your equity percentage or fico score.

A HELOC can get you access to cash when you need it most. Once you set up a home equity line, you will not have to wait for an underwriter to approve your every financial transaction.

No Cost HELOC Quote

With Our HELOCs, You only Pay Interest on the Money You have Used!

Borrowers in all 50 states are putting their credit lines to good use with low rate terms awaiting your direction. Pay for home repairs, finance a remodel or take a long awaited vacation to the place you have always wanted to visit. For a limited time Smart Home Equity is offering No Annual Fees with all new home equity accounts set up for new customers.

Additional Home Equity Options from Smart Home Equity
Home Equity Loans
Cash out equity loans for debt consolidation
Second Mortgage Refinance
Pay off your HELOC or adjustable 2nd.
Home Equity Credit Line
Revolving credit that can be accessed as cash against home equity.
Debt Consolidation Loans
Consolidate bills and lower your monthly payments and save!
Home Equity Loan Refinance
Home equity loan refinancing with fixed rate terms.
Bad Credit Home Equity Lines
Get cash for debt relief and consolidation even if your credit scores are bad.


The residential financing team at Smart Home Equity can help you minimize interest while seizing great financial rewards from your home equity.
Fixed Payment Home Equity Loans

Utilize your home equity!
Most homeowners are getting wise to adjustable rates, but if you have put off consolidating your credit cards or variable line of credit, take a minute and discuss a fixed payment home equity loan that could save you quite a bit of cash over the years.
Cash Back Equity Loans
100% Home Equity Loans
Interest Only Equity Credit Lines

Pay interest as you use!
Home equity credit lines offer so much strength to homeowners when just considering their potential. They are great for investing or emergencies and you only pay interest when you use the line.
Home Credit Lines
Home Mortgage Refinance Loans

Refinance to lower rates!

Consumers holding ARM’s are refinancing in great numbers because of the significant fear of escalating rates that will cause the mortgage payments to rise immediately.
Sub-Prime Equity Loans
No Doc Home Equity Loans

Home Purchase Loans

Finance a beautiful home!
Many people across the country are finding out that purchasing a home is easier than imagined. Smart Home Equity works with trusted banks for financing 1st time homebuyers.

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