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Fixed Rate Home Equity

Smart Home Equity helps consumers refinance with fixed rate home equity loans with offers for competitive simple interest loan terms ranging from 10 to 30-years.Smart Home Equity is still your best option for locking a fixed rate equity loan online. We provide pre-qualifications and loan approvals for competitive 2nd mortgage loans with simple interest terms ranging from 10 to 30-years.

According to Jim Palmer, a mortgage lender with Prime Equity in California, "The home equity market has turned from a revolving heloc market to a more responsible fixed rate market." Our home equity lending parameters offer more flexibility for borrowers with larger loan amounts and less equity requirements. We allow for more cash back and allow your debt to income ratio to reach 55%.

100% Fixed Home Equity Loans

Let Smart Home Equity help you connect the right home equity loan regardless of your equity percentage or fico score. Our loan officers will help you secure a home equity loan and credit lines with more features, like fixed rate conversions. Fixed rate features will allow you to convert your variable rate credit line into a fixed simple interest loan.

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Home Equity Loans
Get a fixed rate equity loan for home improvements or to consolidate debt
Second Mortgage Refinance
Refinancing an equity line of credit with a fixed 2nd mortgage will usually save you money!


Fixed Payment Home Equity Loans

Utilize your home equity!
Sub-Prime Equity Loans
No Doc Home Equity Loans
Most homeowners are getting wise to adjustable rates, but if you have put off consolidating your credit cards or variable line of credit, take a minute and discuss a fixed payment home equity loan that could save you quite a bit of cash over the years.
Cash Back Equity Loans
100% Home Equity Loans
Home Improvement Loans

Finance Home Remodels
Pool Construction Loans

Homeowners should stop using their credit cards to finance home improvements because the interest rates for fixed rate home equity loans are much lower & they will be able to borrow more to get their projects done right the 1st time.