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With nearly 100 years of combined lending experience, Smart Home Equity is an authority for fixed home equity loans, credit lines, low rates and home refinancing. We offer the best home equity rates for home improvement, cash out and the equity line of credit. Most lending institutes focus on 1st lien options, while we have centered our attention on a plethora of home equity loan programs for multi-purposes.

Best Home Equity Loan Rates Online and Low Interest Equity Line Rate Options

Our strong relationships with the top home equity loan lenders in the country translate to low rate cost effective home equity credit for you. Whether you need an equity line, bad credit home equity loans or house refinancing, S.H.E. has you covered. Qualifying for the best home equity loan has its set of challenges. Borrowers need good credit, home equity and the ability to document a solid monthly income.

Fixed Home Equity Loan Rates Ensure Affordable Monthly Payments

Smart Home Equity is your online connection for home equity loan rates, home refinancing and a home equity line of credit for cash out, consolidation or financing home improvements. We are home equity lenders providing equity loan options and home improvement loans with competitive fixed and variable interest rates online. Smart Home Equity offers competitive fixed home refinance loan options and flexible equity loan rates for borrowers who need home equity advice. No income home loan options may be available for borrowers with good credit.

Quick Home Equity & Refinance Loan Approvals Online

Find out why homeowners across the country continue to seek loan advice from Smart Home Equity. If you need help finding a home equity loan online, but have no equity in your home, most likely our home refinance lenders can help. If you are shopping for an equity loan, but continue to hit walls because of your bad credit scores, turn to Smart Home Equity. We can help you secure fixed home equity and the guaranteed lowest equity credit line rates. We provide conventional and refinance with FHA that enable consumers to get access to cash just like a credit line. Credit scores requirements are modest so find out why our customers return to us for their home refinance needs online.

Lock in to a Record Low Home Equity Loan Rates

Compare Rates and Terms for Home Equity Loans and Refinancing!

Home Equity Loan
Home Equity Credit Lines

Use the equity in your home to access cash, make home improvements and consolidate bills.
* Fixed Rate Home Equity Loans
* 100% Home Improvement Loans
* No Income Home Loan
* Self-Employed Equity Loan
* 100% Purchase Loans
* No Mortgage Insurance
* No Income Verified Equity Loans
* First Time Homebuyers OK
* Hard Money Equity Loans
Refinance loans that have an adjustable rate with a fixed rate second mortgage.
* 1st or 2nd Mortgage Refinancing
* Consolidate Credit Card Debt
* Pay off Variable Rate Credit Lines
* Convert Adjustable Interest Rate to Fixed Rate Loans
* Refinance for Lower Monthly Payments
* Lock into Fixed Rate Refinance Terms
* Get Cash Out with Home Refinance Loans
* Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgage Options
Get Additional Financial Security with a Home Equity Line of Credit.
* 100% Home Equity Financing
* Stated Home Loan Options
* Rate Lock Feature for HELOCs
* Check Writing Access
* Competitive Interest Rates
* No Advance Required at Closing
* First Time Homeowners OK
* Home Equity Interest- Tax-Deductible
* Interest Only Credit Line Payments
* Private Money Bridge Loans

Home Equity Loan Guide
Learn why the Federal Reserve has such an impact on key interest rates that have a significant impact with home equity interest rates and credit lines. We will help you understand why the prime index can affect your monthly credit line payment.

Learn more about home equity credit and how to get qualified for the best home equity loan with or without any earned equity in your home. Learn more about home equity loan to value.

How much of a loan you can qualify for? What is the best way to get cash out, second mortgage or refinance? Home equity loan amount limits

What kind of income documentation do I need to provide for an equity loan? In most cases Home Equity Lenders will require full income documentation. What will affect home equity interest?

If I had late payments in the past, will that disqualify me for a home equity loan approval?

What different types of rates are available? Fixed Rate? Variable Interest? FHA mortgage loans enable borrowers to lock into a fixed rate loan for thirty year amortization schedules.

How to Refinance a Home Equity Loan?

Home Refinance Guide
Learn when the banking experts are forecasting the housing market to rebound. Find out which interest rates are safe and which loan types are risky? We will help you understand the pros and cons of fixed, adjustable and interest only options. Shop refinance mortgage loans

Learn how Smart Home Equity can help you refinance even if you have zero equity earned in your home. Loan to Value for home refinancing is critical for being approved for the lowest interest rate.

How much do I qualify for when refinancing my house? Loan amounts limits for home refinancing.

What kind mortgage documentation do I need to provide when home refinancing? What do I need to qualify for a no income home loan?

Getting Money from a Home Equity Loan

If I have a low credit score what are my chances for being approved for a refinance loan? Credit Guide for Home Refinancing

Can I qualify for a fixed rate and interest only loan?

Second mortgage lender offers mortgage refinancing with 2nd mortgage incentives.

Home Purchase Guide
Learn more about the housing market. Get a feel for where the market is going in your neighborhood before you buy. Find out what the real estate experts forecast in 2013 and 2014. We will help you understand how much you can afford, so you can buy your home with confidence.

Get helpful tips for first time home buyers like how to finance a home even if you have no down-payment to use as a deposit for the purchase. Ask about the VA mortgage lenders with a guarantee of no down-payment required when buying a house.

What loan amount do I qualify for purchasing?

Do I need to have reserves?...Can I qualify for a Zero Down home purchase loan with no assets?

I had some late payments from my student loans years ago? Will that disqualify me from home financing considerations? Home Purchase Credit Info

If you are not sure whether you want a fixed rate equity loan, variable rate line of credit or a cash refinance loan, our finance team can help.

Are you having trouble documenting your income? Check out our No Income Home Loan options.

Home Improvements

Smart Home Equity Lenders continue to expand their marketplace with new government loan endeavors with FHA house refinance loans. Our FHA rates are actually lower than prime or conventional mortgage rates. Find out how easy it is to get approved for the best home equity loan that you can afford in your current financial state. Learn more about how to get pre-qualified for most flexible home improvement loan online. We offer superb service and the best home equity interest rates online.

How To Compare Home Equity Loans Online Article written By Krista O'Connell for Smart Home Equity

According to MSN Money, the total amount owed on home equity loans and lines of credit exceeded 700 billion dollars in 2004, representing an increase of 169% compared to nearly a decade prior. 2013 will be remembered for the credit crunch and lack of home equity loans as borrowers across the country have seen the equity in their home disappear. In 2012, because of government bailout funds and the housing sector starting to recover, we anticipate expanded guidelines for home equity lines of credit; 2nd-mortgage loans and home refinancing will be more available. These types of equity loans allow homeowners to access a portion of their home's value to pay off high rate credit card and consumer debt, pay for a family member's education, or simply have access to funds when unexpected expenses arise.

Using the equity in a home can be a great way to deal with ballooning payments or life's unexpected events. And, thanks to the Internet, potential borrowers have the ability to explore a variety of equity loan options and choose a plan that is well-suited to their individual needs. To compare refinance and home equity loans online to find the best deal, all potential borrowers should consider these factors and tips when searching for options that will work for them.

1. Shop Home Equity Lenders, But Don't Over Shop! - Thanks to the Internet, it's no longer necessary for borrowers to call various institutions or meet with lenders individually to find out about their options. Many online mortgage lenders offer quick estimates online and there are also websites that allow you to compare numerous lenders and borrowing options simply by entering some basic information. Obtaining a house refinance loan or equity line of credit is a huge financial investment, so take some time before you make a decision. Research different companies but when you find the best option from a trusted home equity lender you can stop shopping and move your home improvement loan or credit line into process.

2. Know What You Type of Home Refinance You Want and Need - Before you even begin to compare rates and lenders, it's important to know exactly how much you need and how long you need to pay it back. Just because you can borrow the entire value of your home doesn't mean you should. Have a value in mind before you start comparing. It's also important to decide whether you want a loan or line of credit. A mortgage loan may be preferable if you plan to use the money for house refinancing debt consolidation or financing home improvements, while a line of credit is probably best if you simply want to have extra funds for the holidays or other times of the year when cash might be tight.

3. Get the Whole Picture of Home Equity Benefits, Lenders Fees, and Loan Cost - Low home equity interest rates are obviously preferential to higher ones, but it's important to find out exactly how much the loan will cost you before you make a decision. Are there processing fees? Appraisal fees? Variable interest rates? If you're hoping to obtain a fixed rate second mortgage, for example, it's obviously important that interest rates and monthly payments are fixed.

Find out exactly what the terms of a home refinance loan are so you won't be surprised by unexpected fees or skyrocketing interest rates later. Get updated alerts for the FHA refinance mortgage emailed to you as they change.

4. Be Realistic with Your Home's Equity - With a home equity loan, you are literally risking your home. Therefore, never take out a loan or credit line that you aren't absolutely confident you will be able to repay. Can you make the payments in full for the entire loan term? If not, explore other options, because foreclosure and repossession are very real possibilities if you get in over your head. If you are taking out a home equity loan that eats up your equity, you may back yourself into a hole if you need to sell your house abruptly. Home values can decline and if the timing is poor and you have no equity you could be find yourself stuck. Home equity loans are great finance tools, but it is difficult to anticipate depreciation.

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